Friday, November 6, 2015

4:12 a.m.
Yesterday was my 79th birthday, and I don't feel any older.
My brother called from Tennessee to wish me a happy birthday and my daughter called from an hours drive away to wish me a happy birthday and make sure I have her new cell phone number just in case I ever need to call her.
I haven't seen her in more than a year, don't know all the reasons why but I suppose it could be because I live in a haunted house with four raging spirits of our relatives inside my body.
This is what happens to Psychics who try to tell their relatives and others the truth about the spirit world and life after death.
Halloween just passed and of course many paranormal types set up websites and invite people to join them in lurking in old graveyards in search of ghosts when I really don't think the spirits of the dead every go and hang out in graveyards, they much prefer hanging out in their relatives and friends homes and visit them in their dreams and in person.
Most of them don't do what my three relatives and Dr. Petas from Sylvania, Ohio done because they have been hanging out in my body since the late eighties afraid to leave because some spirit who told them he is God told them he is waiting for their punishment when they leave my body and so naturally they are not about to leave.
Instead they have chosen to hang out inside my body all these years and interfere with my work and my life and take their chances on what happens to them once my body dies.
In the meantime I have searched for an exorcist the world over telling them my story and not one person has believed me including my family and others because they were old in the bible relatives don't behave this way from heaven.
I can assure they do and now neither the possessing spirits and or I know what will eventually happen to them when they leave my body.
I should say at least these four do, and now they are afraid of what their fate might be if they leave my body and so now they spend their days and nights inside my brutalizing me trying to force me to write that nothing will ever happen to them but they know scientifically speaking we will only know that if they come out here and prove to me where they go and what they do so I can write about it.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Nov., 2. 2015:
I have recently been writing in another blog which has been private for a long time for many reasons but mostly it's a blog that has been written in continuously since 2003 when I got my first computer and set up an aol journal which was later transferred over to the blogger after aol closed its journal service. Its information I have gathered over the past 30 years. I am starting to fear it may all be lost to the world unless I find someone in research to take over the vast amount of material I have gathered over that 30 years.
I have started following some Paranormal research people and thought maybe I could contact some of them and see if they are interested in sharing some of my material which in my opinion could be very helpful to paranormal research.
One of the reasons my three so called dead relatives and the doctor have been doing this to me all the years is they don't want my research to reach the world anymore than it has, and they know my relatives who don't believe in communication with the dead have vowed to destroy all this information once I die.
This morning I got up thinking since I will be 79 years old on November 5, I might start thinking I should be looking for a home for all the containers of papers stored in my basement and in file cabints so they are not lost to the world.

If anyone in serious paranormal research is interested in sharing the material I have gathered over the years they can commet here with contact information and I'll get back to them.

Friday, October 9, 2015

3:40 p.m. est:;t
The four possessing spirits continue to refuse to come out of my body and instead have become increasingly more violent.
As I said earlier when Stergio Petas walked the earth he was a psychiatrist who graduated from the Menninger Institute and he had a successful practice in our town. I now see from doing a search on face book his son who was just 18 when his father passed over is now a psychiatrist following I his fathers footsteps.
I have told Dr. Petas here he should go and visit his son and help him to understand all people hearing voices are not dillusional but have psychic abilities which enables spirits to talk to them.
Sometimes the human doesn't understand what is happening to them so they go to a psychiatrist who also doesn't believe in spirit communication and so how can the problem be solved its like the blind leading the blind.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

10:25 a.m. October 7, 2015
I came on this blog this morning and I couldn't believe I haven't written in this blog in more than a year.
I will report nothing has changed the four possessing spirits are still inside my body brutalizing me day and night and the guides still have them under a death threat.
After this length of time I no longer am buying into the death threat but there is little I can do to prove the real truth unless these four come out and take on the guides who have had them under a death threat for 30 years.
I have consulted Priests, bishops, exorcists, deliverance ministers in many places but none of them would agree to help me unless I refer to these spirits as unknown demons, because everyone refuses to believe I know who these four spirits are, they keep insisting they are demons pretending to be my relatives.
In fact It is and always has been my three relatives and Dr. Stergio Petas of Toledo, Ohio masquerading as demons to destroy my work which I had hoped would not be filled with such violence.
I am hoping by adding Stergios name he will become ashamed of himself and agree to leave my body and take my three relatives with them.
After that I am hoping they will go visit some of our friends and relatives and make believers out of them the way they have me.
They continue to at least pretend they are afraid to come out as an excuse for continuing to inhabit my body.

Friday, March 28, 2014

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

5:04 a.m. est;
This started out as a blog about the paranormal but as time went on and I added advertisements to my site, I realize if I am to attract crawler advertisements I am going to have to write about products and other things that are in my life and I'll be doing that as time goes on.
Anyway the spirit world discussions have become boring and unproductive because of the things going on behind the scenes and so for now I am going to let them alone and continue with my everyday human life like everyone else is doing.
In my opinion the Bible and all the books written after that is designed to keep the humans in line and may or may not have anything to do with the reality of the world beyond as I have come to know it.
I know now why Jesus discouraged humans from dabbling in the occult and the world beyond earth because it can be wonderful and exciting at first to call yourself a psychic and channel for spirit but as time goes on you relalize they are just the spirits of humans who once lived on earth and some of them took the same hates, prejudices and meanness to the afterlife that they had when they walked the earth.
Having said that I will also say there is a power up there who can look into the past and the future, and some of us develop our psychic abilities and want to work peacefully with him, but sometimes a thorn comes into our lives in the form of relatives like Carrie, George, Eve and old Dr. Petas who refuse to play by the rules and they can cause a lot of problems for us back here on earth, and so for now they are going to be ignored for the moment, while I get on with more important things in my everyday life.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

5:12 a.m. est;
Just before awakening I had a dream about Doris Day and someone said did you know Doris went to a psychic not long before she passed and the Psychic said you will be passing over soon.
Doris said i know I've been getting those thoughts myself.
Someone then said most people get a premonition that they are going to pass soon.
After I awakened I thought I bet my brother-in-law had the same feeling recently before he passed and thats why he asked his son to take him to the hospital.
He was living alone at the time, the daughter who had been taking care of him was visiting out of state and he no doubt didn't want to pass and have them find him so he thought it would be better if he did it in the hospital.
In his case he had cancer which could not be cured and well thats what causes me to think that about his case.
However I as a psychic do have premonitions about many people passing even in hollywood and many other countries and I've often thought if the same kinds of premonitions will come to me when its my time to pass over.

Note: 9:17 a.m. est; April 5, 2014
I just did a search on Doris day and learned she is still alive and in her nineties. Normally when I get premonitions of death about a person even Hollywood personalities they normally have about three years before they pass into spirit.
Since she is still alive I have decided I should not publish this prediction and or dream at this point in time.